• There is not much you can do without the assistance of Middel Realty replacing the bushings in the faucet.  If it is an annoyance, you can turn the water off.

    • “Do you notice the water dripping when you use the faucet or when you use the sprayer nozzle?”
    • If it is coming from the nozzle, do not use the sprayer until Middel Realty can come out and replace the line.
    • If the water is coming from faucet or the sink, TURN THE WATER OFF.
    • In the back along the wall, there are two water lines with oblong shaped handles.
    • Turn the valve(s) clockwise until you feel the valve shut.  DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN.
    • Make sure to wipe up the water before it stains the floor or leaks, causing more harm.