No Pets Policy

pets policy

Middel Realty, your leading choice for Fort Collins property rentals, always strives to have the best properties for rent in Fort Collins. Our homes are well-built, well-maintained, and always look new. Our maintenance staff ensures that your new home is clean, well-kept, and pet-free.

Our No Pets Policy is Simple

No pets. One reason for this policy is that it allows the homes to be better suited to people with allergies, asthma, and other health issues that may be triggered from pet dander. If you suffer from any respiratory problems or disease, you understand that having a home that is pet-free from day one is of the utmost importance. We pride ourselves in providing the cleanest housing rentals in the Fort Collins area.

All of our homes are professionally cleaned from baseboards to ceilings. Our carpet cleaners have the same high standards that we do and the carpets are always thoroughly cleaned. At Middel Realty, we are willing to offer a higher quality product for a fair price. This allows people to live in a great home, around fantastic neighbors, and in neighborhoods where you can be proud to say, “I live there.” If you are looking for pet-free rental listings, contact us and we will show you what perfection, pride, and quality look like.