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We believe that we all have to be realistic in today’s world, and part of that means earning peoples respect and trust. Our company will work everyday to better itself from the day before and earning your trust and respect is our goal.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Consider the character of our company by our service and dedication to our customers everyday. Read the testimonials below and see why we are regarded as the top notch property management company in Fort Collins.

Middel Realty Is Simply Outstanding!

August 2, 2017

Middel Realty is simply outstanding! I have lived and worked all around Fort Collins, CO for many decades, and you could not find a more professional, dedicated group of people providing such exceptional services in the sales, rental and leasing programs they offer. Always willing to help out both newcomers and long term residents within their programs, they are totally knowledgeable about the management of, maintenance and all support services towards providing the best possible, hassle-free housing in the city of Fort Collins Bar-None. Prices are reasonable and fair, especially considering the local housing market fair value pricing. You won’t find a better organization than Middel Realty for all your housing needs. I highly recommend this outstanding organization for all your housing needs now and in the future!

– J.D. (Current Resident)

Matt Middel And Middel Realty Are Fantastic…

January 23, 2017

Matt Middel and Middel Realty are fantastic. I really don’t know where to start so I may as well start from the beginning. A few months back I decided that I wanted to invest in property in Fort Collins with the eventual goal of relocating to this wonderful city. It was risky and a bit stressful because I currently reside in New York and would not be able to see the properties first hand. Some of my friends and family thought I was a bit crazy to purchase a home from half way across the country but I knew if I found the right Realtor I’d be OK.

I started making calls and what I noticed is every realtor I spoke with painted the rosiest of rosy pictures. Every area I asked about was fantastic and every price point was ideal for investment. That was until I spoke with Matt. Matt is honest to a fault and I found his honesty refreshing. He truly had my best interests in mind and not just trying to make a buck on some unsuspecting New Yorker. He was the first realtor to say “No” to me and in doing so prevented me from making a mistake with my investment goals. There were many back and forth phone calls that were either immediately answered or promptly returned. The process seemed a bit daunting at times but Matt was reassuring and eventually found a house for me.

The whole process from offer to closing was handled out of state and almost seemed too easy. I flew to Colorado the day after closing in order to bring the property up to standard (paint on the walls and minor fixes) and didn’t arrive until 1 am. I had sent some air mattresses and coffee maker out prior to my arrival via Amazon and upon our arrival the mattresses were set up and the coffee maker ready for it’s first brew. He lent a helping hand while I was out there and did more then any other realtor would have.

To say I was satisfied with the entire process is an understatement. As I said previously this was a daunting task that I am certain wouldn’t have been accomplished without Matt and all those at Middel realty. The property was rented within a week and for the exact amount Matt estimated prior to me putting in our offer prior to purchase.

In closing, If you are looking for a realtor who will sell you all the frills and tell you what you want to hear in order to make a quick buck don’t go with Middel realty. If you want an honest person who has your best interest at heart in order to make sure you and your family are well taken care of then you can do that with Matt Middel and Middel realty. Anyone who may be in the same position as I am and want to speak directly feel free to contact me via email: metpt2011@gmail.com

Thank you Matt & Middel Realty for your time and patience. I look forward to continuing to work with you in business and friendship.

– Pete Mullen

Highly Recommend Renting From Middel…

February 6, 2016

I would highly recommend renting from Middel. They are very responsive when needs arise and they do a fantastic job of providing very nice high quality homes. I truly feel a sense of community living in one of their homes. Matt and his team are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to rent in Fort Collins.

– Anonymous

By Far The Best…

January 6, 2016

I have been renting for 15 years with numerous companies in different states. As long as you make your payments and respect the property (no brainers) this group is by FAR the best company to work with. They bend over backwards to fill your needs, and the properties are kept in fantastic condition. Thankfully we are buying soon, I wouldn’t be able to find another company after this to work with and be satisfied! Hard shoes to fill after these guys!

– Anonymous

My Landlord Is Awesome!!!!

October 6, 2014

My landlord is AWESOME!!!! To anyone who is looking to lease a property in the Fort Collins, Colorado area, I highly recommend my (now previous) community of Fossil Creek managed by Middel Realty. Now, you may be wondering why I would be promoting my previous landlord so strongly and publicly. Well, it’s easier than you might think and longer than I can type to explain.

We (my husband, kids and I) feel we moved into a community that promotes good old fashioned principles which are simple and achievable regardless of your scale. They get to know their prospective residents…..I am not positive on just how many properties are managed/owned by Middel, but our Fossil Creek community is majority Middel leased tenants and they are also awesome folks (as well as those that own their homes in the neighborhood).

For the holiday season, we received a card signed by the entire Middel staff/family. Not one of those hum/drum thanks for giving us rent, but a genuine thanks for being part of the Middel family. Don’t laugh, (I would) but let me tell you more.

When we were looking to lease a home while searching for a home to purchase, we knew it would take a consideration to our “issues” i.e. credit history (I got sick/disabled lost my ability to work, bills piled up…blah blah blah, it’s a story that’s been told before). Middel measured the risks and looked at us as people and what really mattered….will they pay their rent….yes, do they have income,….yes, are they good “all around” people,….yes. I have no Idea if this is what they really thought (I never asked) when considering us as tenants, but I can only image this to be part or most of the process. On paper, we didn’t look great (life happened to us) but I truly feel that we were looked at this way because I can figure no other process to consider us (we looked somewhat bad on paper). I truly commend them for looking past that and considering our unique situation.

The staff at Middel is incredible!!!!!! They (staff) must be rewarded well with kindness and or something because it shows by sharing the love with the community of residents (I’m not the only one, my neighbors’ boast as much as I am now, no joke, I’ve heard it with my own ears). The environment is fostered from the top down. Mark Middel is the sweetest, gentlest man and his son Matt is a true reflection of his father. Susan, office manager, is so gentle and kind, she loves to entertain my 6 year old upon a rare visit to the office (she must have kiddos because she is such an amazing nurturer). Christian is beautiful inside and out. So kind, fun to talk to, and very on top of her job. I can always call her for any question (even caught her on a lunch hour call transferred to her cell) and if she doesn’t know the answer, (like Mr. Henry Ford) she will find the answer and call you back ASAP……. and she really does.

We moved into this beautiful home at 5535 Fossil Creek Drive in Early August of last year (2013) and just a week in, we were greeted at our door with a welcome basket full of adorable treats from a fellow tenant a few houses down the street. Our next door neighbor had a daughter the same age as our own (who are now best friends) and many sleepovers followed. We did not just move into and lease a “temporary home” but a home. I am so grateful and at the same time truly saddened that we have now left this amazing neighborhood.

I am blessed beyond belief that we got to be a part of something so special, but if I wasn’t so elated to be a homeowner myself, I would have no hesitation to stay and maintain the leasing relationship I had with Middel Reality.

As for the property itself, well, it is beautiful, spacious, well maintained in a fantastic neighborhood. I’m not the kind of chick to float a boat for someone, in fact, I’m kind of the opposite. I have never written a review of anything, landlord or otherwise, but I am simply so blessed and have felt that the Middel family really went above and beyond to take a chance on us and always treated us not only with respect but shear God given kindness and affection that I am elated to have the opportunity to share this feedback with others.

Oh, I’m not done, it goes even further…..Middel offered to be our broker (real estate) when looking to purchase our new home. This is one of those “win/win” type deals. If you are looking to lease a home we all know that you have that renewal time each year. We knew we wanted and were ready to buy but our lease renewal was coming soon. What do we do? I didn’t want to live in a hotel for months while our house was being finished (new construction). Middel offers a plan where if you have them as your realtor (transaction broker) you will live in your leased home up to the day your new home is ready and no “lease breaking”, no “30 day notice” no …..Well…… no nothing. It was really just that simple. We could not have felt more blessed.

I do not have one single negative thing I could possibly think of when it comes to our entire experience with anyone or anything related to Middel Realty. I have a big mouth (ask anyone) and when I am not happy I either say too little or nothing at all so my review should speak volumes and I pray that it does for the right folks. I have many little tidbits of funny and loving moments we’ve had with the Middel family but the truth is I am thinking of the big picture…..that I’m gonna miss no longer being a part of the Middel community. We know that we were blessed beyond measure for the time that we were…….truly FAMILY!!!.

– Millie Brinson

Thank You All After 10 Years…

January 14, 2014

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you [Matt], your Dad, Christian, Susan, and the entire team for making my nearly ten years on Fossil Ridge Dr. such a pleasurable experience. You guys were always there for me and provided such a high level of service and professionalism; when Sarah and the kids moved in, it extended to them. We are excited as we embark on the next phase with our lovely new home but certainly wanted to stop and reflect on some of the great people who helped us get to this point. If there is ever anything we can do in terms of endorsing your company to a prospective client, we would welcome the opportunity. Thank you all again and don’t be surprised when I call you out of habit to light a pilot light or something. Stay well.

– Ronnie Robinson

Great Home And Reasonable Price…

January 8, 2014

Middel Realty provided a great home at a reasonable price considering the current rental market in Fort Collins.  They were also flexible with our move in and move out dates which was nice to have.  All maintenance requests were promptly taken care of and the neighborhood picnics help provide a family feel to the community, as well as showing how Middel cares about their renters.  I would highly recommend Middel to anyone looking for housing in the Fort Collins area!

– Anonymous

Middel Realty Has Been Great!

October 25, 2013

Middel Realty has been great! My husband & I made a last minute decision to move to Fort Collins.  We need a place quickly and we found one we liked through them.  We were headed out back to TX to pick up our things in a couple days.  We explained our situation to Christian & she had our application processed & contract signed in no time.  It was just a great relief to us as we headed out of town knowing we had a home to come back to & a place for our belongs.

I am usually the type that comes in & cleans the house before move in but that was not necessary here!  Everything was spic & span! Since then, between Matt & Christian any repair that has needed to be address has been done courteously & promptly. We purchased a refrigerator & wanted to use the icemaker.  I was concerned about doing the water line myself even though Matt said it was easy.  He took the time to go get the needed parts & install it for me!  They go above & beyond.

Our experience with Middel Realty Team has been wonderful & I would recommend they to anyone!


~ Jeff & Sabrina Paxton

Middel Realty Really Takes Care Of Their Houses…

July 29, 2011

We have rented from Middel Realty for over two years. I have to say that I don’t know if I would be able to rent from anyone else again. Middel Realty really takes care of their houses. Not only do they keep up with house maintenance extremely well, they respond to repair calls instantly. We called Middel Realty one day because our dishwasher stopped working, within four hours of the phone call we had a brand new dishwasher installed! This is the norm.  It’s nice to rent from a company whose employees are kind and have integrity.  I have seen Matt many times shovel the drive way and walk of an elderly woman who lives across the street.  He is never too busy to give a hand when needed. I sincerely appreciate this; it helps set the tone for the whole neighborhood.  I have rented from other property management companies in Fort Collins, but none of them compare to Middel Realty. The quality of homes and services they are offer are the best in Fort Collins. You can’t go wrong with Middel Realty!

– Kim and Jorge

Middel Realty Has Been Great To Work With…

June 6, 2011

Middel Realty has been great to work with. Most realty companies put stipulations on their rentals such as “Only people 23 years and older.” Being only 21 and 19, and having a 3 year old living with us, we didn’t meet these qualifications, so there weren’t very many companies that would work with us. When I saw Middel, one of the first questions I asked was if they had an age limit. Matt told me there wasn’t an age limit, as long as we seemed like good, stand-up people. After just meeting Matt one time, he had no problem with us renting a house from his company. He did business exactly as it says on their website, “with a Handshake and a Promise.” After signing our contract, we moved in to our exquisite house. In the first couple of months, we gave Matt a few reasons to think he made a mistake. We ran into some hard times and had trouble coming up with our rent on time. Everyone at Middel was very understanding and worked with us to get through our hard times. Middel has been amazing in everything they have done, and I plan staying with them as long as possible. Anyone looking for a house in Fort Collins should definitely choose Middel Realty. Thank you to Matt and all the wonderful people at Middel Realty for everything you have done for us!!!!!

– Adam, Aaron, and Mckenan Waters

Thank You For The Great Experience…

April 20, 2011

Wanted to thank Middel Realty for the great experience my family and I had moving into our home. We were in a bit of a hurry and had just a couple of weeks to find a place and relocate from the Midwest. Your website set up is great! It was fantastic to see the videos of the homes for rent. I would go back and forth viewing them every time a question would pop into my mind about what we needed in a home and since the video was a complete walk through of the home, catching every detail, it made it easy to see that the home had everything we were looking for.

I also wanted to give a big thank you to Cristian for making the rental process so smooth and stress free for us. We were so grateful that she was available to meet on a Sunday to show us the house when we came into town short on time. Overall we are really happy in our home and in the neighborhood. The warm welcome from you and the rest of the Middel Realty team and our new neighbors has been amazing.

– James and Michelle A.

Leasing from Middel Realty Truly A Blessing For Me…

February 15, 2011

Leasing from Middel Realty has truly been a blessing for me. I have been a tenant of Middel’s since 2009 and can honestly say that it’s been a wonderful experience. After going through a divorce and experiencing financial devastation (like a lot of people), Middel has allowed me start over and “move on” with my life. As a working single mother of two young children, Middel has provided me with a tremendous sense of security and enabled me to provide a stable environment for my children. The neighborhood is truly family oriented and my kids and I have made lots of new friends. We are very happy living in such a beautiful home in such a great neighborhood where we feel safe and secure. Middel has been there for me for whatever my family has needed. Maintenance issues are always handled immediately and a few months ago when my car was broken into, Matt came over and personally helped me clean up the glass and put plastic over my window. Just last year, after being unexpectedly laid off from my job, the girls in the office were especially caring and understanding. Christian helped me come up with a payment plan so I could continue my lease until finding new work. It is obvious that everyone at Middel truly cares about their tenants. I would recommend leasing from Middel to any and every one.

– Shelley

Very Helpful And Understanding Of Our Needs…

February 4, 2011

Just wanted to share our renting experience we have had with Middel Realty.We are a family with a special needs child.Matt in particular has been very helpful and understanding of our family’s needs.Middel Realty has went above and beyond helping our family get settled in to our rental house that has became our home.We went from owning our home in Tennessee to moving to Fort Collins,and this is our first rental.We were nervous at first,but Middel Realty is a very professional and caring company.From Marc and Matt to the office staff everyone is always friendly and welcoming.Their homes are very nice,clean and move in ready.We have been looking for a home to buy and Matt was our fist choice as a realtor.Between him and his dad they know alot about Fort Collins and the real estate.They are always one call away,and are always on top of any repairs that we may have.We couldn’t see ourselves renting from any person/company besides them.

– Shane and Amanda Marbry

Look No Further Than Middel Realty!

May 2, 2010

It is my pleasure to recommend Middel Realty to anyone wishing to move within or relocate to Fort Collins. My family and I began researching our move to Fort Collins in December, 2008. We discovered some properties listed by Middel that we were interested in. I emailed Middel Realty about the properties and Matt Middel responded so quickly I was amazed. Having never travelled to the area, I had a LOT of questions! Matt and I corresponded for well over a month before we finally moved here. He answered every question I had promptly and honestly. We moved into our property in February and absolutely love it! It was clean and in an excellent neighborhood. We have met many of our neighbors and have had several dinners with them. Long story short, if you are looking for a rental company that is responsive, caring, and has great properties at reasonable prices, look no further than Middel Realty!

~The DeLorme Family