At Middel Realty, we understand that looking for houses to rent isn’t always the most fun activity. While we strive to make your house hunting as easy as possible, we also love to tell people about the awesome entertainment options the Fort Collins area has to offer! When you need a break from looking at rental listings, be sure to check out one the many local theaters in the area or our local arts center. You’re sure to find something that suits your tastes. If you’d like to know what other entertainment options there are in the area, contact our friendly staff — we’d love to speak with you!

Movie Theaters

Carmike  –  View Show Times

Phone Number: (970) 204-9733
Website: http://www.carmike.com/default.aspx

Cinemark  –  View Show Times

Phone Number: (970) 377-0782
Website: http://www.cinemark.com

Lyric Cinema Cafe  –  View Show Times

Phone Number: (970) 493-0893
Website: http://lyriccinemacafe.com

AMC Cinema Saver 6  –  View Show Times

Phone Number: (888) 262-4386
Website: http://www.amctheatres.com/movie-theatres/amc-cinema-saver-6

Midtown Arts Center  –  View Show Times

Phone Number: (970) 225-2555
Website: https://midtownartscenter.com