2020 Water Restrictions – Horsetooth Outlet Project (HOP)

This is from Fort Collins Utilities:

Keep up to date the watering restrictions happening in Fort Collins through HOP (Horsetooth Outlet Project).

This is a reminder that outdoor water use restrictions begin Oct. 1 for all Fort Collins Utilities and Fort Collins Loveland Water District water customers. We need your help to stop lawn watering and other outdoor uses a little early this year.

HOP Background
The Horsetooth Outlet Project (HOP) is an important maintenance project planned by Northern Water and the Bureau of Reclamation to repair and upgrade the Soldier Canyon Dam outlet this fall. This outlet plays an important role in our daily lives by supplying water to more than 220,000 residents and businesses in Fort Collins and the surrounding areas. During HOP, the outlet will be offline and Utilities will rely primarily on our Poudre River water supply, making it even more important to ensure our water resources are used efficiently.

We are monitoring water quality and quantity for wildfire impacts and issues that can arise at any time. By moving forward with HOP this fall (if conditions continue to be safe to do so), we will be strengthening the Horsetooth Reservoir water delivery infrastructure for the future. With the recent growth of the Cameroon Peak Fire, water quality could be affected in the Poudre River for future runoff seasons, making it crucial to complete the reservoir maintenance now. Learn more about HOP at fcgov.com/HOP.

Mandatory Water Restrictions: Stop Outdoor Water Use Oct. 1.
In response to the ongoing drought conditions, Cameron Peak Fire and HOP, mandatory restrictions on lawn watering and other outdoor water uses will begin Oct. 1 for all Fort Collins Utilities water customers. For more information about the restrictions, visit fcgov.com/water-restrictionsRestrictions will continue until no longer needed (expected to end by Nov. 30). The following uses are restricted starting Oct. 1:

  • No lawn watering.
  • No residential vehicle washing at home.
  • No spraying impervious surfaces, except for essential power washing such as for health and safety purposes. Use dry methods when possible.
  • No using water features, misting devices, recreational water toys or refilling outdoor swimming pools.
  • Trees, landscapes, and food production areas may be watered by ONLY hand, drip system, or deep root fork/needle methods.
  • Raw water may be used for irrigation. Please register raw water use at fcgov.com/water-permits before Oct. 1.

Permits for exceptions to these restrictions may be granted for new lawn installation (sod and seed) and active/athletic fields. To apply for a permit, fill out a simple online application at fcgov.com/water-permits. We are available to help guide you through the permit application, if applicable.

Contact HOP@fcgov.com, 970-416-8040 or V/TDD 711 for questions regarding water restrictions, permits and the Horsetooth Outlet Project.

Thanks for helping during HOP.