Welcome To the Middel’s Realty Blog.

This is our new blog that will feature information about our rentals but also useful information about Fort Collins and perhaps an occasional joke or recipe.

A little bit about us… If you don’t know Matt, he was born and raised here in Fort Collins. He was around when many of your homes were built, he has great memories of helping his dad build them. He has since taken over the reigns for Middel Realty. You can see him driving through the neighborhood, fixing your repairs, stopping to chat. He has expanded his job to include real estate and has been a Realtor since 2008 and has helped several tenants buy their homes. Matt and Emily met  at the beginning of their freshman year at UNC and were married in 2007. They have two beautiful little girls, Jozy, who is 6, and Leandra, who is 2. Emily has been working in the office since 2013. She is an accountant by trade but has been branching out to help with our real estate clients. They have enjoyed getting to work together, they have had their challenges, but it has made them stronger. They also love spending time with family and friends, cooking (these normally go together), and being outside.

Matt and Emily Middel. Authors of the Middel's Medley

Matt and Emily Middel. Authors of the Middel’s Medley Blog

Also working with us here at Middel Realty is our Property Manager Christian. You talk to her on the phone, see her in the office and around the neighborhood. She is the cog that keeps our rentals going. She will also be writing on the blog. She has been with Middel Realty since 2009 and has been an incredibly diligent employee. She is a Fort Collins native, so she has a lot of insight and has seen this city grow tremendously over the last several years. Christian getting married this fall, wedding bells are ringing!!! We are so excited for her and her fiance as they embark on this new chapter.

Christian and Jordan for blog

Christian and her fiance, Jordan, Property Manager and Blog writer.

With the 4th of July right around the corner, we are excited for all of the events around Fort Collins and surrounding cities. Here are a few of the city events that are going on (just in case you don’t have plans yet).

Happy 4th of July from Middel Realty at the Middel's Medley Blog

Happy 4th of July from Middel Realty


  • The City of Fort Collins has a day chock full of fun including a 5k and the traditional fireworks.
  • Loveland will also have their beautiful firework display over Lake Loveland.
  • Wellington has a full agenda for the 4th, including a parade and fireworks.
  • Windsor is having a huge 125th anniversary party which will include a concert and firework display.

We would ask that you are cognizant of your neighbors and keep your holiday party noise to a minimum. Even though it is a wonderful time to celebrate our nation, we still have neighbors with kids who won’t appreciate being woken up by fireworks.


As a little 4th of July treat, here is a tasty recipe for Quinoa Veggie Salad. This salad can be served warm or cold, we love it cold on these hot summer days.

  1. Cook up two cups of well rinsed quinoa (or more if you are serving a bunch). We cook ours in the rice cooker, 2 cups quinoa, water up to the “2” (or follow the directions on the bag).
  2. Grab one bag of mixed frozen veggies (corn, carrots, peas, edamame, beans, etc) and defrost while the quinoa is cooking. If you are serving this salad warm, you can certainly cook the veggies in the steamer basket while you are cooking the quinoa.
  3. Once the quinoa is finished cooking, mix in the defrosted mixed veggies, one half can of diced tomatoes (or fresh if you have them), some chopped basil, garlic salt, pepper, and a touch of olive oil (we love the basil olive oil from Crescendo in Old Town.
  4. Mix all of these ingredients together and put in the fridge (if you are going to serve it cold). Enjoy!!

Please stop back by often to see what we are up to. We are wanting to share a little bit about us, about Fort Collins, and some fantastic recipes. Be on the lookout for little giveaways (hint: they may be hidden inside the postings). We are excited to start on this new journey of blogging. We hope you will come along on this trip, it will be entertaining if nothing else.