Simple Steps for Downsizing in Your Golden Years

Article by Michael Longsdon

Photo via Rawpixel

As seniors age, their daily routine can become more challenging. As mobility and other physical faculties begin to slip, simply going about their day to day can become more difficult, eventually getting to the point where a serious change is needed. Still, the process can be a daunting one. There are a lot of moving parts, so it always helps to have a plan in place when you’re getting ready to downsize.

Identify Your Motivation

Sometimes this can mean a relatively drastic step — in cases where you need help with daily activities, it might be smart to look into an assisted living facility. Other times, we just get to the point where we simply don’t need to be dealing with “quite so much house.” Additionally, a smaller house means less of a safety risk. As walking around gets tougher and tougher, stairs and other hazards become increasingly dangerous.

Plan the Listing Process Carefully
Selling your current house is every bit as much a part of the process as picking out a new one, and you want to make sure you’re getting as much as you can for your property. Believe it or not, if you’re in need of a quick sale, Redfin notes listing your property on Thursday is the smartest move. If making the biggest dollar is more important, aim for a Wednesday listing.

Work with your real estate agent to see that your listing goes up on time, and in accordance with your ultimate goal. And of course, when you list your house, you’ll want to make sure you’ve found a home that fits your needs. If you’re looking to rent a single-family house, for instance, contact Middel Realty for assistance.

Consider Proximity to Your Favorite Activities
Something that can be easy to forget when you’re in the process of downsizing is that you want to minimize your living space both inside your house and out. The easier you can make it on yourself, in terms of how difficult it is to get around to your favorite activities and necessities, the safer you’ll be.

A website like Walk Score can help you find a place that is in close proximity to everything you love and need, from grocery stores to movie theaters, and beyond. Not enough can be said for how nice it can be to have everything you need in close proximity to your living situation, since it can alleviate transportation issues, and if a spot is walkable, that means you can also stretch your legs a bit, which can help you stay healthy in your golden years.

Get Help When You Need It
There will almost certainly come a point in the downsizing process when you realize that you need help. The important thing is to acknowledge this moment as soon as it happens; there’s no shame in needing to ask someone for a hand! Moving explains it’s best to avoid straining yourself or taking undue risks as you go about packing and moving, and call upon your friends and family members to help you out in whatever ways you need.

Not only will this make the transition easier and more rewarding, but it’ll keep everything safe and minimize your risk of injury or accidents. Don’t be afraid to reach out, but make sure you have a plan: Keep all the larger items saved for the same day so you have an easy time getting everything handled in one fell swoop.

Downsizing Can Be Safe and Fun!
When you’re in the process of moving into a smaller, more comfortable home, it only makes sense to do everything possible to keep the actual downsizing process safe as well. Take your time, and make sure you have a plan in place for every step of the way. Call upon your friends and family to help you out when it’s needed, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying some groovy new digs in no time at all!