After a Short, Warm Fall, Winter has Arrived

Winter is here! It feels like just yesterday we were wondering where the cooler air was… Well… It is here now. Brrr!

65-degreesPlease remember if you are traveling this time of year to leave your heat on and set at a MINIMUM of 65 degrees. This will help to prevent frozen pipes, something everyone wants to avoid. In addition to leaving your heat on, you can open the cabinets under your sinks (kitchen and bath) to help keep those pipes warm. Also, double check that any and all outside hoses have been disconnected from the spigots, see below.

Are you having trouble with your furnace? Middel Realty is always here to help, but before calling us, please try the following troubleshooting ideas under our “Tenant’s Corner, Emergency Repair” Tips. If you have a gas fireplace, fire that guy up and turn your furnace to “Fan”, this will help circulate the heat from the fireplace until one of our maintenance staff can come out and take a look.

christmas-tree-clip-art-2-1 Another reminder, once Christmas is over, please make sure that you remove any live trees from your property. Larimer County Solid Waste will accept fresh trees FREE of Charge for trees received between December 23, 2016 and January 16, 2017. Please take advantage of this free service if you have a fresh tree this year.

snowflakeIf we have a snow fall, the City of Fort Collins requires that snow is removed from all sidewalks within 24 hours of end of snowfall. Middel Realty asks that you do not use salt on your driveway or sidewalk as it causes damage to the concrete.

What is Happening in Fort Collins

There are Christmas light displays all over Fort Collins, but IF you are wanting to find some of the best here in town, Visit Fort Collins has put together a list to help you find them. The top 5 light displays:spring-creek-gardens

The Midtown Arts Center is showing A Christmas Story between now and the end of the year.


The Lincoln Center is hosting 5 showings of The Nutcracker


Regardless of your plans this holiday season, all of us here at Middel Realty wish you a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year. Blessings from our family to yours.