What You’ll Need to Complete a Rental Application

Whether you’re new to renting or you’re a seasoned tenant, filling out a rental application can be a cumbersome process. There is often a lot of information that potential landlords request from applicants, and knowing ahead of time what you may be asked to provide may help the application process go more smoothly. In today’s blog, we’ll review a few of the more common components of a rental application so you can be better prepared the next time you find yourself applying for a rental home.

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Personal Information

All rental applications, including Middel Realty’s, will ask for personal identification information. You will need to provide details for the following:

  • Name, date of birth, and social security number
  • Prior rental locations and current address
  • Current landlord’s contact information
  • Employment information and income
  • Criminal history, if any

Much of this information will be transferred to the rental agreement form, or lease. Because the lease is a legal document, you’ll want to provide accurate information in your application.

Personal References

Much like job applications, most property managers will request that you provide personal references. Your potential landlord will want to speak with someone who can give insight into your integrity and character as well as provide information related to how you care for your home. Often times, two to three references will suffice, but every application and landlord is different.

Rental and Credit History Info

In this section, the landlord will attempt to gather information that will provide him or her with a snapshot of your rental history and credit worthiness. You may be asked about past evictions, money owed to prior landlords, bankruptcies, legal judgements and/or actions against you, and whether or not you have any current collections. Remember that a thorough background check can reveal this information, and it is best to be honest in this part of the application.

Employment Verification

In addition to providing your income details under the personal information section, you may be asked to provide authorization for an employment verification. During this process, the potential landlord may have several inquiries for your current employer, such as:

  • Length of employment, including start date
  • Average hours worked per week and average income
  • Whether your position is permanent or temporary
  • Likelihood of continued employment

If the application includes an employment verification, you’ll be asked to read a brief disclosure and then sign and date the section to provide authorization for the verification to commence.

Rental Verification

Much like the employment verification, your rental application may include a section that requests your authorization to obtain a rental verification from prior landlords. This section of the application allows your potential future landlord to gather details related to your payment history, timeliness of past rental payments, lease violations, property maintenance, and details about how you left the premises after vacating. For potential landlords, this information is a good indicator of how your future rental experiences may go.

Fort Collins Rental Homes

Middel Realty would love to be your partner as you search for the perfect rental home in Fort Collins. Browse our selection of rental homes online and then download an application today! Once your application is approved, we’ll prepare a rental agreement form and schedule an appointment to review the lease with you. Questions? Call us at 970-221-2300 today!