Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spring is here, and you know what that means: spring cleaning! It is a big chore to tackle, especially for those who upgraded from an apartment to a single-family rental home, but we’re here to help you get it all done. In today’s blog entry, we walk you through the spring cleaning checklist for your property rental.

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All Rooms

There are a few things that are a given no matter where you are in your home — dusting, for one. In your spring cleaning sweep, however, make sure you’re not just dusting shelves, but also ceiling fans and light fixtures, which are neglected for most of the year. You should also pay special attention to your floors, whether that means vacuuming and/or shampooing carpet to sweeping hardwood and looking for scratches or dents.

There are a few other oft-neglected checklist items you should also address in every room, including:

  • Washing curtains (most can be machine washed!)
  • Cleaning blinds
  • Wiping down baseboards
  • Dusting HVAC vents and registers
  • Washing the inside of any windows
  • Cleaning windowsills
  • Testing the batteries in your smoke alarms
  • Disinfecting high-touch areas like door knobs and light switches


For the bedrooms of your home specifically, there is a lot you can do to make sure you can sleep easy this season. First, washing your bedding and your pillows. If you didn’t know, yes, pillows should be washed periodically! Spring cleaning can also be a good opportunity to rotate and/or flip your mattress to extend its lifetime.

You should also sort and organize whatever is in your drawers and closets. Spring is a great time to swap your seasonal wardrobe, storing some of your heavier winter gear in a sealed plastic bin and rotating in clothes for warmer weather. Perhaps you can take a little inspiration from the increasingly popular Japanese tidying expert, Marie Kondo, and take some time to figure out what you don’t need or wear any more! You can always donate those clothes you’re ready to let go of.

For kids, take the time to sort their books, toys, and other items. This is a great opportunity to clean those toys — plastic ones can often be placed in the dishwasher! It also gives your little ones a way to participate in all the excitement of spring cleaning. If you are already starting a box of things you plan to take to a thrift store, maybe encourage them to choose a few toys, books, or gadgets that they want to donate to another child!


When it comes to bathrooms, it’s all about scrubbing. Try to clean and disinfect every surface. You should also wash your shower curtain and floormat — in some cases, they can be machine washed! You should also continue the trend and organize your cabinets and drawers. Go through what you have and discard expired medications and old toiletries or makeup. Experts say old medicine won’t often make you sick, but it will likely be less effective than a new bottle, so you might as well toss it!

Laundry Room

The laundry room is one place where the focus is on cleaning, but not many of the items inside are often wiped down or dusted. Your first priority should be emptying and cleaning lint traps, since ignoring them for too long can create fire hazards. Next, wipe down the washer and dryer and sweep or vacuum the spaces behind them. You should also clean out the dryer vent, which can be another source of accumulated lint and grime.


On to the kitchen, where there is a lot to do. One of the biggest projects you’ll have to tackle is the fridge. First, sort through the items inside and throw anything out that’s past its expiration date. Next, clean out the inside. If the shelves can be removed, they may fit inside your dishwasher! You should also wipe the top of your fridge, which can collect plenty of dust, and clean the coils at the back. Keeping those coils as dust-free as possible comes with an added benefit: it may help your fridge run more efficiently!

Now, move on to your other appliances. Clean the oven – most have self cleaning options! – and scrub the stovetop. You should also wipe down smaller appliances like your microwave and coffee maker. If you have a toaster or toaster oven, empty the crumb tray. You should also clean your cabinets and shelves, which may be a good opportunity to make sure all your food storage items have matching lids. If they don’t, now is the time to cut down on clutter!

Garage & Outdoors

For most families, the garage inevitably turns into the larger equivalent of a junk drawer. There may be a lot to sort through, but now is the time! Make sure everything is organized, and see if it may be time to throw a garage sale for those items that have been collecting dust for a couple of seasons. If there is anything sitting in cardboard boxes, transfer them to sealed plastic bins to keep items clean, undamaged, and free of pests. In the name of being thorough, you should also hose out your recycling and garbage bins.

The approach of spring means you can likely put away the shovels or snowblower for the season. Find a place to store them where they will be out of the way until next winter, and bring your springtime equipment, like your lawn mower, to the forefront. If you have the time, check to see if it’s in working order before you move on.

Moving to the exterior of your home, it’s time to wash the outside of your windows. Some people remove their window screens during the winter. If you are among them, then it’s time to reinstall them once you’re done washing the glass. If not, you should remove them to thoroughly clean the windows, and then replace them. At the same time, look for any damage that may have occurred during the winter, like missing shingles or damaged screens or siding.

The good news? If you are renting a home from Middel Realty, you don’t have to worry about addressing repairs! Our maintenance team strives to address any concerns you have in a timely manner, and if there is ever an emergency, you can reach a member of the Middel Realty team 24/7. Unfortunately, spring cleaning is still up to you. Good luck!