Winter Moving: Pros and Cons

Moving is a big change and a big opportunity. Whether you are moving just to get away from a bad situation or you have spent months or years saving up for the home of your dreams, you probably plan to move as soon as you can. However, there are a lot of advantages that can come with thoughtfully choosing a moving date. As we mentioned in one of our previous blog posts, taking the time to consider what your ideal moving date might be can save you money, time, and stress. Most Americans move between the months of May and September and, as discussed in part one of this series, there are some nice benefits to moving during the summer. The weather is often beautiful, there are a lot of rental properties to choose from, and it is easier to schedule a big life change like moving without having to worry about school, whether you are a college student or a parent. However, moving during peak season also has its drawbacks, which is why, in today’s post, we’ll be talking about the advantages and disadvantages of moving in the winter instead.

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Save Money

Rent is often the most significant expense in anyone’s budget. If you have ever wished that you could negotiate a more affordable monthly payment, then you will want to move in the winter. Most people move between May and September, which means that if landlords have any empty apartments or rental properties that need to be filled, they will have fewer potential tenants to choose from in the winter. They lose money every day that one of their rental properties sits empty, so they may be open to negotiating your rent.

Low demand also means lower costs when it comes to moving services. With so many people moving in the summer, moving companies and truck rental agencies are likely to be busy. High demands means they can charge more for their services. On the other hand, their rates are likely to be more affordable during the winter because there is less competition for their services.

Avoid Competition

There may be a lot of options when you look for a rental home in the spring or summer, but there will also be a lot of other renters looking at the same properties. You can avoid a crowded field of potential tenants by moving in the winter. There will be fewer open units, but you also won’t have to fight over those units with a crush of college students recently graduated or released from classes. There will also be more availability in the schedules of moving companies and truck rental agencies, so you can get the people and the equipment you need when you need them.


Holiday Season

There are a lot of holidays to work around if you want to move between September and May. You don’t want to miss out on the important time spent with family and friends, and you might be limited by an extra tight budget. Affording everyone’s gifts and moving expenses might be a challenge. However, moving right after a major holiday can be a smart move. You can use the holidays to organize get-togethers and goodbyes before you leave and make sure that you get a chance to see all of the people that you care about before you relocate. You also have the opportunity to give out your new address to everyone, including those relatives who always send their holiday cards a little late.

Travel Difficulties

If you are making a long distance move and you have a choice of when you move, you might want to reconsider your reasons for relocating in the winter. Traveling long distance can be difficult in of itself, but winter adds another set of challenges. Travel conditions are likely to be bad, whether that means a little ice on the road or limited visibility blizzard conditions. If anything goes wrong while you’re on the road, you’ll have to contend with the cold weather. We doubt anyone would look forward to sitting in a snowy ditch waiting for help or changing a tire when the temperatures are below freezing.

You also need to consider the items you are bringing with you as you travel across the country. Most moving trucks available for rent do not have climate controls for the cargo bay. If you are moving from a warm climate to a cold climate or vice versa, the freezing and thawing processes may damage some of your belongings. You should also think about protecting any items that would be vulnerable to freezing overnight, such as plants or liquids, which may mean unloading them every evening and repacking them again the next morning.

Bad Conditions

You can never guarantee the weather, no matter what time of year it may be, but moving during the winter can be especially hazardous. Even if you are moving locally, you still have to transport your items from one place to another. Moving heavy items like a couch or a dresser can be dangerous in icy conditions. Friends and family may also be less inclined to help you move if they have to wear heavy coats and winter gear.

It may seem like the disadvantages of moving in the winter outweigh the disadvantages of moving during peak season, but there is some serious value gained when you are willing to bear less favorable weather. If you are on a budget, moving between September and May can save you money in both the short-term and long-term. Not only will professional movers and truck rentals likely be more affordable, but you will also have leverage to negotiate your rent. If you plan to live in Colorado, you’ll have to get used to the cold and snowy conditions anyway!

Whether you decide to move during peak season or not, Middel Realty is always here to help. We treat our tenants like family, providing high-quality single-family rental homes and 24/7 emergency assistance. Are you ready to find a rental home your family will love? Explore our Fort Collins rental listings today and call Middel Realty!