When Should You Call the Landlord?


Whether you’re a homeowner or a renter, there will inevitably come a time when an appliance malfunctions, plumbing leaks, or something else happens, requiring a call to someone in the middle of the night. If you’re a renter, it’s likely that your initial thought will be to call your landlord. But what defines a true “emergency,” warranting an after-hours call to your property manager?

At Middel Realty, we have been a leading property management company of rental homes in Fort Collins for more than 25 years. Above all else, we want your rental experience with us to be positive. This means that we want to be responsive to any concern or question you have, including after-hour emergency repair calls. How do you know what situations are worthy of a late night call to us? Today we’ll take a look at a couple of times that we will want to hear from you right away, day or night!

Water Leaking

When water is leaking in your rental home, it is important to notify Middel Realty of this right away. Water can be extremely destructive if not properly mitigated and we want to make sure your home is protected from unnecessary damage. If you happen to notice a slow, small leak in the middle of the night, our emergency repair tips can get you through until the morning. However, if an appliance is experiencing a catastrophic failure causing a large amount of water to escape, contact us right away.

Broken Furnace

Colorado winters can be dangerously cold, and having a furnace that’s operating properly is vital to keeping your home warm and comfortable. Middel Realty takes the health and safety of our tenants very seriously. If your furnace is not operating properly, or not running at all, there are a few things to check before giving us a call. First, be sure your thermostat is set to heat. It might seem like a no-brainer, but it’s worth checking. Second, check to make sure there are no issues with the pilot light. Lastly, ensure that the filter and front cover of the furnace are properly positioned. If the furnace is still not working and you’re concerned about the temperature in your home, please call us.

Electrical Concerns

Is there a switch that’s not functioning properly in your home, or making odd noises? Do you trip a breaker every time you run your hair dryer? These are seemingly minor electrical troubles that could signify a bigger problem with the wiring in your rental home and may warrant a call to our team during regular business hours. However, there are times when you should contact Middel Realty for electrical concerns no matter the time, day or night. If there is smoke or an odd smell coming from any electrical outlet or circuit box, please contact us right away. In case of an electrical fire, please call 911 immediately and get to a safe place.

Middel Realty is committed to providing a positive rental experience for our tenants. In the event of an emergency, please contact us regardless of the time of day. To get an idea about what might not constitute an emergency, please visit our notifications page. Please be advised that you may incur a fee for an after-hour service call if it is not an emergency situation. As always, please call us at 970-221-2300 with any questions or concerns, of if you would like to discuss our current available rental homes. We look forward to speaking with you!