6 At-Home Date Ideas

There is a lot to do in Colorado at any time of year, but winter can get especially busy with skiing, snowboarding, and all the ice rinks around town here in Fort Collins. However, some days you simply don’t feel like braving the snowy weather, especially when it’s warm and cozy inside your rental home from Middel Realty. Keep your fuzzy socks on, and try out a few of these at-home date ideas instead!

Movie Night

What better way to spend a winter night than snuggled up on the couch with one of your favorite movies? A snow day is also the perfect excuse to marathon your favorite TV show or movie series. If you are sharing your Middel Realty single-family home with a few little ones, find something you can all enjoy, like “Planet Earth” or the Harry Potter movies.

Game Night

Another great option that doesn’t require a winter coat is a game night! There are lots of board games you can play as a family, from strategy games to tongue-twisting word games. If you want it to be just the two of you, then you can have fun with classics like chess or try your hand at two-person card games like rummy, war, or double solitaire. You can also test your knowledge with trivia games. Your phone puts a world of trivia apps at your fingertips, and you may even be able to play with your smart speaker if you have one!

Read a Book

It’s not everyone’s idea of a perfect date night, but sometimes all you need is quiet time sitting next to each other, enjoying your own books. There’s no pressure for big romantic gestures or even conversation. You can enjoy each other’s company and the story that has you hooked at the same time! For added coziness, kindle a fire if your home has a fireplace and make sure everyone has warm mugs of tea or hot cocoa.

Listen to a Podcast

One more idea from another era: listen to the radio or one of your favorite podcasts together! Families in the past used to gather around the radio to enjoy top-notch storytelling, and now the world of podcasts gives you endless options to choose from. Listen to something spooky and atmospheric for a story that will make you want to hold each other close, or find an episode of something interesting and informative so you can learn together. If you are new to the world of podcasts, then you may be surprised by how absorbing a story made of sound can be!

Plan Your Dream Vacation

If the snow is making you a little stir crazy, then spend your time dreaming of where you want to go! Even the perfect vacation can require a lot of planning, so why not have fun with it? Sit down with a pile of travel books and talk about where you want to go and what you want to do. You can also take this opportunity to create your ultimate bucket list as a couple. There are so many amazing things to try right here in Colorado — do you want to try tubing one day? Learn how to cross country ski? Spend the night in a yurt? Talk about what you would love to do together, and maybe make a game of finding crazy ideas online!

Recreate a Fun FoCo Activity

As we’ve discussed before on this blog, there are tons of fun things to do here in Fort Collins! Whether you’re staying indoors to avoid the occasional subzero temperatures or you want to save money, you don’t have to miss out on some of the best date ideas available here in town. Use them for inspiration, get a few supplies from the store, and try to recreate it at home!

If you are craving a whiskey tasting or a cheeseboard-creation class, you can find all the materials you might need and try your hand at it in your own kitchen. Have you always wanted to try a wine and paint night? Buy some cheap paints and canvas and try following a painting tutorial online. No one has to know if your attempt doesn’t look anything like the actual picture!

Plan Your Perfect Date in a Middel Realty Home

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