3 Perks to Renting Single-Family Homes

The process of finding a rental home for can be challenging and downright overwhelming sometimes. There can be so many options to choose from, and you may not know how to make the best choice. At Middel Realty in Fort Collins, our goal is to make your house hunting experience as easy and convenient as possible. We offer local rental listings on our website as well as video tours to help you in your quest for the perfect rental home. We also offer links to many of the local schools in Fort Collins to help you further. Today we will take a look at three advantages of renting a single-family home over a condo, apartment or other multi-family dwelling.


When you rent a single-family home, you’ll get the benefit of not having another tenant or owner directly above, below, or next to you. In terms of your privacy and quiet time, this can prove very advantageous. By renting a stand-alone property, you’re less likely to have to ask your neighbor to turn down his or her stereo or be awoken in the middle of the night by their slamming front door. Likewise, if you have a new baby or young children, you won’t need to worry about your family disturbing your neighbors. The privacy that single-family homes provide are a win-win situation for everyone involved!


Generally speaking, single-family homes typically have more square footage and storage space to offer over condominiums and apartments. While a 1000 square foot condo may provide enough living and storage space for a first time homeowner or CSU student, you might feel a bit cramped in a space this size if you have a family that requires three or more rooms or a hobby which necessitates ample storage space. The bottom line here is that single-family homes may be more beneficial for renters who are looking for a little more living space.


Are you someone that has more than one vehicle in your family to accommodate every driver in your home? Do you have a new car that you’d like to keep protected from the elements? Perhaps you just enjoy being able to park your car without worrying about finding a parking spot when you get home. If any of these situations apply to you or your family, a single-family home may be right up your alley. Many single family homes in Fort Collins come with a single- or double-car garage for the convenience of renters and homeowners.

The benefits to single-family homes go beyond those that we have mentioned here. Contact Middel Realty today to discuss your housing needs in more detail. We’d love to work with you in finding a Fort Collins property that you can call home! Call us at 970-221-2300 or fill out the form below. We look forward to serving you!

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